We are glad to present this year's safety course to be held at Mt Hood Polaris and given by Brent Yonkers.  503-695-2911

Things to do first:

1.  You must obtain a safety manual and have read it from cover to cover before the class
2.  Contact Brent Yonkers @ 503.695.2911 to get your or your kids name on the list
3.  Mark your calendar for Nov 18, 2017 @9:30 and note the location as it is held at Mt Hood Polaris

Who Needs to take the class?

- Any one that does not have a current valid driver's license
     (Note:  If you have a expired or suspended drivers license you are not allowed to drive in Oregon)
- You are under the age of 16 and plan to drive in Oregon

What happens during the class?

- Registration
- Review of the safety manual
- Physical snowmobile safety review
- Class training and general snowmobile safety review
- Question and answer sessions
- Interactive student teacher Q&A

Make sure you take some time to visit the showroom and parts counter at Mt Hood Polaris for any of your current snowmobile needs and thank the folks at Mt Hood Polaris for donating the time and space at their location.