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Nov 27 at 10:44am - khsdba
The club is working hard at getting things ready for the season and the maps, wood, and trail signs are all up and ready.  The new intersection signs and numbers will be ready and put out in December.  Some of the club members attended the FS Dufer T-Day and had a great meal and learned that even more changes to FS staff are coming.  We had a great Wiener burn with way more food than could be eaten and some great raffle items given out and everyone caught up on T-day eats and talked about the coming season.
While out setting the new intersection stakes, we found some snow up high (Thank you Clinton, Oskar, Niko).  See if you can name the area:
1.  Bonnie Meadows
2.  Hi-Rocks
3.  Frogg Butte
There has also been a bunch of work on the warming shelter to get the leaks in the roof fixed (Thank you Mark), and insulation and the eves sealed up to keep the heat in and the critters out (Thank you Mark, Randy, Chris).
Until next month with our update and things around the club.
Answer:  Hi-Rocks - 4-5 inches.
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