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In need of a ride to skyline

Community / General Discussion / In need of a ride to skyline

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Oct 14 at 6:37pm
In need of a ride to skyline

I'm newly single and I'm trying to figure out a way to get my sled to skyline for either a day or weekend ride. I have my own sleeping accommodations and can pay for gas to catch a ride. I have a trailer but cannot tow it in ice/snow so also open to a driver to town my trailer (with my truck) and meet up with your group once up there! Please touch base if anyone has any options or ideas! I don't want to give up riding now that I'm single.... Thank you
Please call 971-263-3973 My name is Heather✌️

Feb 17 at 9:42pm
RE:In need of a ride to skyline

Lots of views, no reply's ?
How about an update, have you been able to ride this year ?