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Community / General Discussion / Updated Avenza map now available

Updated Avenza map now available   

TJ Reilly
Joined: Feb 2008
Posts: 72

Updated Avenza map now available

Did anyone notice that the numbered DIAMONDS on the electronic trail map (Avenza Maps) were not all correct?  We have uploaded the corrected map.  Please delete the map you downloaded and reload the correct map.  It's FREE!

If you haven't tried the smart phone trail map, go to your App store and search for "Avenza Maps".  Download the App, then go the "store" and search for "Skyline Snowmobile".  Download the Free map and have fun!  You will now have the electronic version of our Club map on your phone.  Best of all, it will show you where you are on the map and it works even without cell service!
Apr 18 at 3:24pm

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