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Community / General Discussion / BURGULAR ALERT!


Joined: Sep 2009
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I just got my snowmobile trailer broken into again. This time they didn't mess with the locks, they popped the rivets holding the the locks on the ramp door. When I went to six Roblees to get new parts, I was told that I was the 3rd person in 2 days looking for these parts. I decided to lock the ramp doors from the inside. 
 I lost a great deal of skidoo parts, brand new gas can for sled, 6 different colored 5 gallon gas cans, Black tool box, New skidoo trunk bag and one older one,New bungy pull, a couple shovels both copper color,Craftsmen drill and light, Hitch extension, yellow wheel lock, 3 helmets all Black,HONDA 2000 Generator, and some other items.
PROTECT YOUR TRAILER!     These thieves were targeting a snowmobile trailer.


Rivet busted
Mar 21 at 10:17am

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Joined: Apr 2009
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They used bolt cutters on mine about 3 weeks ago and they messed up the hinged to where they could not get in but they took the locks.  So after $120 bucks and new hasps and locks it was all back together.   what stuff I do have in there now (not much at all) is locked with a cable lock.
Sorry - that sucks.
Mar 23 at 4:54pm

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