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Emergency Items and Tips

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Mar 05 at 4:37pm
Emergency Items and Tips

This forum is a great idea thanks Crystal.

I always like to carry or do the following:

GPS: (Even a cheap one can save your life if you know how to use it.)
H2O: (1gal dehydration is your worst enemy and snow can be hard to melt in extreme cold.)
High Carb Food: (Carbs are easier to convert for quick muscle energy than protein.)
Fire: (Reliable camp fire starter waterproof.)
Shovel: (small.)
Modern waterproof breathable synthetic or wool clothing: (NO COTTON!!! It has no R-value when wet.)
Ham radio: (If your cell phone fails you can readily contact ham stations. Even if you don't have a license, emergency communication is always a priority on ham frequencies. Also,searchers can track your signal to your location.)
Plan your ride and tell someone: (Leave details with friends or family and a specific time to call 911 if they haven't heard from you at the end of your ride.)

Safe riding and deep powder memories
Paul (KB7WJP)