We had the biggest Candlelighters play day yet with it being our 30th Year of Rides with about 185 kids and parents, 25 members working the grounds, and 33 drivers with about 1700 miles driven giving rides, 616 volunteer hours, and the snow was good and everyone had fun. Check below for a full list of donors and thank you to Zak from AMR for working with us as our EMT for the day.

Donations of Food Items:
Ball Park Hot Dogs                                              Penny Roberts/Sara Lee
Johnsonville Brats                                              Jill Stanchfield - Johnsonville
Assorted Cookies                                               Jake and Cheryl Mary
Kraft -Back to Nature Nuts                                  Tyler Andersen/Kraft
TGIF Chips- Vidalia - Onion Rings - Snack Bars        Andy Drozd/Dave Newton - C-Store
Candy                                                             Suzette Meyers (C-Store)/Nestle
Nalley's Chili                                                     David Groner/Pinnacle
Shredded Cheese                                              Bob Kroon/Tillamook
Hot Chocolate                                                  Pat Cooney/Indulgent Foods
Bug Juice                                                        Mike Titchenal/Bug Juice
Sunny D Juice                                                  Ross McClure/Sunny D
Catsup & Mustard                                             Bob Foote/Heinz
Paper Plates - Napkins                                      Tim Foley/Georgia Pacific
Clorox Wipes                                                   Acosta/Clorox
Silverware                                                      Acosta
Hot Dog buns and Cookies                                 George Krick