Our yearly Candle Lighters ride was a great success and the biggest yet. We had a total of 27 drivers, ~150 people from the Candle Lighters and 20 other volunteers to help make rides, food, games, sledding all a great big huge day of fun. With the 27 drivers they turned in over 1300 miles driving for all the rides given for the day with the most driven by Randy with 74 and the least by TJ with 1. I want to thank the crew on Friday that did a lot of work setting up the warming shelter with all the tables and Valentine‚Äôs decorations to have it ready for Saturday.To the volunteer crew on Saturday that worked the games and the tables in the shelter, Clinton for cooking all the hotdogs, for the people directing traffic for the rides and our Deputies and Forest Service friends for taking time from their families to help with this extended family. I know the kids loved seeing Smoky the Bear and Woodsy the Owl for the first time this year and we had enough snow to actually hold the event where last year it was cancelled. Check all the names below and the great business and folks that donated products and money to make this the largest snow day ever. 

Mt Hood Snowmobile Club Volunteers: John C Gibson, Jan Gibson, Chris Larsen, Autie Bergman, Mike Canifax, Mark Smith, AJ Giglotti, Tim Murphy, Randy Bolin, Robert Mottice, Jason Robertson, Eric Haines, Todd Call, Larry Greger, Kirk Snyder, Jake Mary, Bret Brown, Jonathan Bolin, Lee Hatfield, Joseph Wallitner, Roy Hollibough, Stephen Scott, Phil Phiess, Charlene Spiess, Scott Meyers, John D Gibson, Jarret Markle, Sandra Bolin, Robin Murphy, Thomas Johnson, Kylie Thompson, Tracy Robertson, Cherill Mary, Jean McKee, Jim McKee, Jewel Brown, Kelly Gigliotti, Elvera Hollibaugh, Emily Spiess, Helena Snyder, Marilyn Dooley, Ed Dooley, Carol Smith, Ted Sandoz, Holly Sandoz, Nancy Petersen, & Clinton Petersen.

Other Volunteers: Cora Reynoldson, Alec Reynoldson, John Michael Gibson, Mike Cullen, Kay Anderson, Austin Thompson, Evan Smith, Sherri Colon, Cindy Giles, &Michele Wheeler, Deputy John Gibson, Deputy Scott Meyers, USFS Nate Cate, Distict Ranger Daina Bambe, Smoky the Bear, Woodsy the Owl, Ron Kikel, and Jean Kikel.

Donations provided by Mt Hood Snowmobile Club members:

Jim & Jean McKee

John Mann

Randy & Sandra Bolin

Jan & John Gibson

T J Reilly

Jake & Cherill Mary

Todd Call

Mark Smith

Mike Canifax

Larry & Pearl Greger

Lee Hatfield


Donations provided by:

Hot Dogs

S & P Meats, Derrick Wipper,

Sara Lee Ball Park Franks


Kenny Roberts Acosta Fresh Deli Department,

Kayem Hot Dogs


Joe Cook Acosta Fresh Meats Department,

Kings Hawaiian rolls


Kenny Roberts Acosta Fresh Bakery Department,

Jack Links Jerky and beef sticks


Andy Droze Acosta Convenience Department,

Kettle Chips


Tere Bippes Acosta Natural Specialties Department and Andrew Owings Regional manager of Kettle Chips,

Johnsonville Bratwurst


Joe Cook Acosta Fresh Meats Department, & Safeway .