I would like to thank everyone who attended the benefit on May 8th.  It was a hug success and we smashed out goal and we have a new record to beat next year.  $15000 donated to Candlelighters, that's $4200 more than last year and our attendance was down 50 people.

This even wouln't have been possible without the help of Todd Call, Cherill Mary, The Bolins, Crystal Crowder, Jewel Brown, Pearl Greger, The Bigsons, The Gardners, The Hollibaughs, and Gary from Pub 212, not to mention all the club members who participated thank you very much for your support and I hope to see many of you helping out next year.  What a proud feeling it is to help out these kids!


Candlelighter's President David Saltzman presented MHSC a small plaque to show the years of continued support and donations since 1977. 


Carol Smith is the office manager of the Clackamas Acosta Sales and Marketing office.  Their office selects a different Local charity every year to support. She suggested the Candlelighters group for 2010 with the literature supplied from our club. The committee unanimously decided to support the Candlelighters for 2010. Through local bake sales , sponsored jean days, cooking contests, and other various local events, the Employees of The Clackamas Acosta Sales and Marketing office  were able to donate $1,000 on Behalf of the Mount Hood Snowmobile club.  Presenting the check is Mark Smith to David Saltzman.