Mt. Hood Snowmobile Club was formed in August of 1967. Thirteen people met and expressed the idea of forming a club to bring together the people of this "new sport” of snowmobiling in Oregon. Articles of Incorporation were filled out, presented to the State and approved in December of 1967.

Mt. Hood Snowmobile Club has been instrumental in setting up several shelters in the snowmobile areas on Mt. Hood.

In the fall of 1972, four members of our Club journeyed to Bend, Oregon to meet with snowmobilers from other areas in Oregon to form a state snowmobile association. In time, this became the Oregon State Snowmobile Association. The State was divided into different areas with a representative in each area to bring their ideas and problems before the State Association.

Since 1978, MHSC has been grooming the trails around the designated snowmobile areas. As finances become available, more modern equipment is being used. The grooming committee now has use of a PistenBully 400 with a special grooming attachment that keeps approximately 400 miles of trails groomed in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Mt. Hood Snowmobile Club considers snowmobiling to be a family sport. Our activities are geared to that idea.

The most enjoyable function on our calendar is the snowmobile rides we give to the children who have cancer. In doing this we started giving our donated money to the "Candlelighter Organization” a parent support group.

MHSC currently has approximately 100 members and are always looking for more. Thank you for your interest in MHSC. Ride safe and have fun.

Mailing Address:

Mt. Hood Snowmobile Club
P O Box 3322
Clackamas, OR 97015

503 804 2075

Why Join The OSSA & MHSC?

Club meetings:

Starting in October, the club starts meeting the first Tuesday of each month in Clackamas. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow club members, get the latest information on a multitude of snowmobile and sled dog race related topics. Information about the snowmobile industry, the forest service, and club events are talked about on a monthly basis. There will be a posting on the Club website, and usually a club member email is sent close to the meeting time.


The Mount Hood Snowmobile Club and Oregon State Snowmobile club are official sponsors of the Candlelighters Foundation. More information on this is on our website. We hold two events a year, one to raise money for donations to the foundation, and one event to show the kids and family a good time. More information is at the link listed below:

The "Weiner Burn event”:

This is also known as our "Pray for Snow” annual event. This event is usually hosted up at Skyline Snow Park. Hot dogs, chili and other snack foods are provided by the club. Bring a friend if you’d like, we’d love to get more members interested in the club, plus it’s a great time to meet new people and catch up on what your snowmobile friends have been up to over the summer.

Snowmobile rides:

Throughout the year, the club sponsors several club rides. Club members volunteer to lead rides to various areas our club rides. Any club member can host a ride so if you are interested, just let any of club board members know.

Members and non- members are welcome to join any of the rides. The upcoming rides are posted on the club website in the events calendar and in the scrolling events section. Most rides start between 8:00 -9:00 a.m. The meeting location can vary, but most rides leave from Skyline Snow Park or Frog Lake Snow Park. If you are interested, let the ride host know, or show up at the appointed time.

Club Picnic:

Every fall near the end of summer, the club hosts a company picnic. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and condiments are supplied. Club members are encouraged to bring a side dish to share, and your own beverages of choice. It’s a great way to talk about the upcoming season, and to see what everyone has been up to. There will be a posting on the Club website, and a club member email reminder will be sent out when the event date is close.



Work Parties:

Trail clearing:

From time to time the group gets together to clean up and clear parts of the trail system to clear up fallen trees or to clear brush trying to overgrow the trails. The items needed to assist are good gloves, a lunch and something to drink. If you have brush cutting shears, a chainsaw, or a pole trimmer, they also come in handy. The pole trimmers come in handy for clearing limbs away from the trail. There will be a posting on the Club website, and usually a club email looking for volunteers.

Wood cutting, splitting wood, and stocking wood in the cabins:

A couple of times a year, the group will have a wood splitting and a couple of days that we stock both the Skyline Cabin and the Warm Springs Cabin. The items needed to assist are good gloves, a lunch and something to drink. If you have a pickup or trailer that can be used to haul wood, it would also be appreciated. There will be a posting on the Club website, and usually a club email looking for volunteers.

The Putting up and taking down of club trail signs.

The club has quite a few trail signs that are put up and taken down yearly to help cut down on vandalism of the signs. There are two yearly sessions, one for putting them up, and the other for the taking down of the signs. It depends on the weather, some years it can be done with vehicles, and some years you may need a snowmobile to put the signs up. Check with the club organizer for any other items that may be needed. There will be a posting on the Club website, and usually a club email looking for volunteers.

Snow Cat maintenance.

There are several times throughout the year where club members are asked to assist in maintenance of the Snow Cat. Volunteers usually help with the general maintenance of the snow cat throughout the year. There will be a posting on the Club website, and usually a club email looking for volunteers.


Club Potluck meetings:

Once or twice a year, during the monthly club meetings, the club hosts a potluck dinner. Members are encouraged to bring a dish, hot or cold, of their choice to share with other members. If you aren’t into cooking or time is short, just come to the meeting to enjoy the food and fun. There’s always a lot of tasty food to be had by all.

Snowflake Newsletter:

The snowflake newsletter is a monthly club newsletter that has information on current events and happenings both in the club, in other clubs and at the Oregon State and Washington State snowmobile associations. This is a monthly newsletter to keep club members informed about current events. If you have anything you would like to have put in the newspaper, contact the snowflake editor for submission of articles. This changes yearly, so the best place to find out who’s in charge of the snowflake is to look in the members’ only section of the website. You can also email the information to the club president.

SNAFU Jacket award:

The snafu jacket is a club tradition that dates back to the early 1970’s we are told. Members are nominated monthly based on something they have done the previous month. Getting stuck in the snow repeatedly, or something else a club member has deemed worthy of wearing the jacket. The club then takes nominees for the jacket at the meeting and votes who will be the wearer of said jacket for the month. It’s a nice Orange jacket a member must wear when attending any club function, including rides.

Yearly Oregon State Snowmobile Association Convention:

This is a yearly convention held in the state. The location varies yearly. This is a great way to get out and see some new area, meet new people, and have a good time. A club in the area of the convention hosts the event, offering rides, dining opportunities, and lots of fun and conversation. If you haven’t been to one yet, I’d highly recommend it. More information can be found on the following website, including previous year’s events.

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